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Communication with Staff Members

Dear Parents/Carers

Communication with staff members

As you might imagine, staff often receive several queries or requests for information from parents and carers each day. In the first instance, please speak with your child’s class teacher. To help you access the right member of staff, please see the information below.

In the first instance, speak with a class teacher. You can make an appointment with them by speaking to the office. You can also email to request an appointment and the office will forward the request to the teacher. They will not be able to see you during teaching hours, and it may take a few days for them to get back to you as we have lots of parental requests for meetings, so your patience is appreciated.


Safeguarding Concerns: Ring the school on 01977 640625 to speak with a safeguarding lead (Mr Walker, Mrs Williams, Mrs Johnson or Mrs Smith). Our email addresses are:


Pastoral/Behaviour concerns: Ring the school to speak to Mrs Johnson the pastoral lead, or email:

Special Educational Needs: Ring the school to speak to Miss Smith our SENDCo, or email:

Early Years: Ring the school to speak with Mrs Williams, or email:


The headteacher email address receives approximately 300 emails a day; this is a huge task to sift through every morning. Queries sent to this address will be forwarded to the appropriate person as above.

Behaviour reminder

A reminder that we expect all children to behave appropriately. The following behaviours will usually result in an external exclusion, as it is not acceptable to expect staff or children to experience this:

  • Repeatedly swearing or using racist and offensive language

  • Bullying

  • Intentionally hurting staff or other children

  • Significant disruption to learning and damaging resources

This applies to all children who attend Ash Grove School. We expect that parents and carers agree that any of the above is unacceptable in a primary school and will work with us on this.

Thank you for your continued support Mr S Walker - Headteacher